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    I know you were trying to sleep little one, but you belong to me, and I’ll use you whenever I need to.

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  4. He pushed me up against the wall, his hands cascading down my frame, my ribs, my stomach, my hips, pulling me into his body. Our lips were exploring eachother, and his kissed down my neck, onto my collar bone, and right above my breast. He unbuttoned my blouse and began kissing my breast, giving small and ever so arousing bites here and there. I could feel myself getting wet already. Once my shirt was off he moved to my bottoms, kissing me all the way down and pausing only to pull up my skirt. He kissed my wet panties, and then pulled them down. I could feel his hot breath on my wet pussy, him teasing me. Then, suddenly, he grabbed my ass and pulled me in, licking and sucking in all the right, and wonderful, places. If I was wet before… I started breathing heavier and heavier, my legs growing weaker and weaker until I finally slid down the wall, my skirt falling on to my stomach and revealing his head. My legs were spread apart and still hugged close to my chest, my heels on the floor. I grabbed his head and pushed it in, I was so close and needed to come. I was screaming practically, a mixture of heavy breaths and periodic yelps that grew closer and closer and closer until finally, with his head between my legs, my muscles tightened and I came.

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